"show us your tools and tell us something about it."

Goal is a platform to share the use of software on UNIXish systems, especially Linux. has a focus on tools running in terminals, usually called "text tools". these tools have a command line interface (CLI) or text user interface (TUI), ie inside is a built-in command line, shell, interpreter. they allow to abbreviate commands with both aliases and functions and can often be scripted. there are many commands and setup options which make them highly configurable. and often enough they have been ported to other systems, so they are "cross platform". the license is a "free" license like GPL. the presentations aim at helping people understand and use the tools for themselves.

these tools easily run within gnu-screen and tmux. both are window managers so they show processes/programs running inside in windows which can be split (horizontally and vertically) into sub-windows (gnu-screen calls them regions, tmux calls them panes). both gnu-screen+tmux keep their programs alive, and also allow sharing its view for other users on the same system.

sharing terminals is much like sharing a desktop. but the required bandwidth is much, much less. therefore we can share sessions easily via low bandwith on our smartphones - even for longer sessions. aims at more sharing and building up the knowledge of using shared servers. this is both about everyday use of, for example, editing text, chatting, exchanging messages within emails and usenet posts, and reading RSS feeds. but this is also about the maintenance of the servers.

some communities who might use this platform may be linux users groups (LUGs), hacker spaces, maker spaces, bulletin boards or free unix systems. but hopefully this will extend to much more environments like schools and universities.

please show the use of your favourite tools to others1 help them to master the programs+systems on computers to the best use and both having fun and saving a lot of time as well!


we are chatting on IRC within the libera network on channel #showtell

Use this link to talk to us directly from your browser:


chat:        #showtell
maillist: ->

mailadmin:showtell-owner at
audio:    mumble://
          bash zsh | mutt neomutt | jed nano vim | screen tmux
          curl wget | elinks lynx s3m | coreutils: pinky finger
video:    server:... admin:...  (and tmate server)
          -> alias tmro="tmate show-messages | grep -o 'read.only.*'"
          BigBlueButton:  ...
          matrix:         TODO :-)
          discord:        meh!
          Zoom:           naah ;-)
pad:      TODO
orga:     Sven Guckes
          (might switch to a separate mailing list)
events:   see maillist! (we might open a dudle, too)

Maillist Setup

here is my setup for mutt/neomutt:
# 2021-06-06 SHOWTELL setup for mutt+neomutt:
  alias mlst  * SHOWTELL <>
  mailboxes   ~/Mail.IN/SHOWTELL
  subscribe   ~/Mail.IN/SHOWTELL
  folder-hook ~/Mail.IN/SHOWTELL "set"
  send-hook  "~C" "set pgp_autosign"
  save-hook  "~C" ~/Mail.IN/SHOWTELL
* ^

Maillist Commands

mail commands:
# Get Help about the Maillist:
echo help | mail

# Subscribe to the list:
# UNsubscribe to the list:




some ideas for a screencast:
prepare an intro text with your name+contact
  so people can get back to you with feedback
  add a url, too. eg your homepage.

enter "date" to give context about creation time

write about what you will do/show into your shell
  eg: "creating some temporary files.."
  avoid error messages. do not ENTER these.
  1: start off with a hash to make it a comment
  2: break off the current input with CTRL-C
  3: clear the input line with CTRL-U

always *highlight* some text you would talk about
  use screen/tmux "copy mode" for that
  or in vim: switch to visual mode

take your time to write to avoid typos
  asciinema is able to skip pauses on replay
  (hmm.. at least i think it does that)

cast filenames:
please add these info to you cast files:
date+nickname, duration, and a short title, eg:
the last line of the cast file should display the amounted time


a log of some presentations:
2021-06-06 17-18h thp (Thomas Perl) on ttyfb+rpt+fea+ git story


DONE 2021-06-06 added viewport+css (thanks thp!)
DONE 2021-06-06 sent initial message to maillist
DONE 2021-06-06 moved maillist config to new page
DONE 2021-06-06 added my mutt/neomutt config
DONE 2021-06-06 added some ideas for screencasts

TODO add more screencasts (asciinema)
TODO create pad
TODO create dudle


Sven Guckes